Alex Oxenham

Senior Director 
Community Partnerships
Executive Director CFKF
It was easy to partner with Hockey Gives Blood. Not only because the work they are doing is so important and will help countless Canadians in need, but also because the team behind the program and the resources they provide make it very easy to participate in. They understand that each market is unique and worked with us to ensure it was a successful partnership, meeting both their goals and ensuring it was well received by our market and our team.

Jim Hulton

Hockey Gives Blood is one of the best initiatives we have encountered in many years. The founders are real hockey guys who understand the bonds of teammates both past and present. They have been in the dressing room, on the bus, experienced the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. HGB has captured the vast network of “hockey guys” and has successfully rallied many of us in support of a worthy and much needed endeavor. We encourage the rest of our “hockey community” to jump on board and join the team! Together, we can make a difference in many lives.

Don Moores

Chief Operating Officer
There is an ongoing need in Canada for blood and blood products. This was something that was brought to light by Stu Middleton after the Humboldt tragedy in 2018. When Stu first called me about his idea to help educate Canadians about the need, I thought it was a great idea.
In one short year, the awareness of blood and stem cells within the hockey community has increased substantially because of the Hockey Gives Blood initiative. Hockey Gives Blood is going a long way in making sure teams, players and fans get involved and I commend Stu and his team for their hard work and dedication to this cause. They are clearly making a difference.

Tyler Wawryk

Director, Business Operations
Partnering with Hockey Gives Blood was an obvious decision for us. Being so close to the Humboldt tragedy and understanding the postiive impact blood donation can have, everyone in our organization was eager to help grow this initiative. Stu and his group are hockey people so they understand how we operate and what works for us, which makes it easy for our team and players to get involved, support events, and act as ambassadors. Typically, junior hockey players are the picture of health and are all candidates to give blood, so if we can inspire other junior players, teams, and leagues to do the same I think we can collectively truly make a difference.
702 East Athabasca Street 
Kamloops, British Columbia 
V2H 1C9 
Hockey Gives Blood was founded in 2018 by former hockey players, all of whom were seeking to do more for the Hockey community. When the Humboldt Broncos tragedy struck they were filled with a desire to give back. Hockey Gives Blood is a work of passion for each of them.
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