The Cameron Bulger Memorial Award

The Cameron Bulger Memorial Award will recognize one Player Ambassador each year from the USPORTS hockey community. This player must be deemed to have made a significantly positive impact regarding the awareness and necessity of Canada’s Lifeline. In doing so, the player will exhibit traits Cameron was known for such as humility, dedication, and selflessness.


Anna MacCara
St Francis Xavier University
As a forward with the St Francis Xavier University Women’s Hockey team Anna joined Hockey Gives Blood with a mission. After learning that someone in her community needed a stem cell transplant to save their life Anna stepped up to become a Player Ambassador. Anna took immediate action to inspire her teammates and community with several initiatives ranging from blood donation events to stem cell recruitment. Anna also established two HGB game nights and three separate fundraising campaigns that raised over $2700.

Anna became a valuable contributor and asset to Canadian Blood Services in the Atlantic Region. Her efforts and enthusiasm on a consistent basis were deeply appreciated and helped support the growing demand for new blood and stem cell donors locally and in Canada.

Anna’s kindness and humility were displayed consistently over this past season. Her relentless passion to help others without seeking recognition is a testament to her character and reflect the traits Cameron Bulger was known for. We are proud to announce her as the 2023 winner of the inaugural Cameron Bulger Memorial Award.

Thank you and congratulations Anna! moreread less