Player Ambassadors

Hockey Gives Blood Player Ambassadors are genuine individuals that show just as much commitment and dedication in the community as they do on the ice. Together they are helping save lives in Canada.
Adam Oates
Andrew Perrott
Anna MacCara
Arshdeep Bains
Ben Gaudreau
Blayre Turnbull
Bobby Orr Jr
Braden Hache
Braeden Bowman
Brayden Guy
Brayden Schmidt
Cam Allen
Carter Robertson
Charlie Wright
Cole Mackay
Cole Schwindt
Connor Bedard
Dylan Garand
Emily Clark
Ethan Cardwell
Ethan Del Mastro
Ethan Samson
Evan Konyen
Gage Alexander
Graham Sward
Isaac Labelle
Jack Matier
Jack Thompson
Jackson Desouze
Jacob Ingham
Jake Chaisson
Jaxon Bellamy
Jhett Larson
John Babcock
John Parker Jones
Josh Davies
Justin Lies
Kai Shwindt
Kendra Woodland
Liam Ham
Liam Peyton
Lleyton Moore
Logan Nijhoff
Logan Stankoven
Mathieu Desgagnes
Matt Welsh
Micah Zandee Hart
Nic Pavan
Owen Pederson
Pano Fimis
Peter Stratis
Reid Valade
Sam Alfano
Sebastian Cossa
Thomas Casey
Trent Miner
Trevor Wong
Tyson Galloway
Zachary L'Heureux
Zack Stringer
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Kamloops, British Columbia 
V2H 1C9 
Hockey Gives Blood was founded in 2018 by former hockey players, all of whom were seeking to do more for the Hockey community. When the Humboldt Broncos tragedy struck they were filled with a desire to give back. Hockey Gives Blood is a work of passion for each of them.
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