June 5, 2024

2024 Cameron Bulger Memorial Award Nominees

Hockey Gives Blood is proud to present the 2024 Cameron Bulger Memorial Award Nominees

Francesco Lapenna

Ottawa Gee-Gee's - OUS

Since joining as a Hockey Gives Blood player ambassador supporting Canadian Blood Services, Franky has made significant contributions to the blood system and patients who rely on it. His journey as an ambassador began with the Charlottetown Islanders, where he organized a team blood drive and spearheaded a fundraising campaign that generated over $1000 in support of Canadian Blood Services.

Although his fear of needles initially made him hesitant to donate, Franky built up the courage and overcame his apprehension this past season. He not only donated blood twice but also organized two team blood drives with the Ottawa Gee-Gee's men's and women's hockey teams. Additionally, Franky registered with the Canadian Blood Services stem cell registry.

Beyond his achievements on the ice, Franky's dedication to community service truly embodies the spirit of Cameron Bulger. His peers unanimously agree that he is an exceptional leader and role model.

Congratulations, Franky, on being nominated for the Cameron Bulger Memorial Award.

Scott Atkinson

UBC Thunderbirds - CanWest

As a member of the UBC Thunderbirds Scott Atkinson has been the epitome of reliability and consistency for community involvement across USPORTS. Since becoming a Player Ambassador in 2022 Scott has consistently embodied the traits of Cameron Bulger by sharing a similar passion to help others and create awareness about the importance of Canadas’s Lifeline. This past season Scott was responsible for encouraging members of the men’s and women’s hockey teams to donate blood and for strengthening the relationship between the UBC and Canadian Blood Services. Scott also volunteered his time by attending the ‘1000 swabs’ stem cell campaign on campus to help support nearly 1000 Canadian patients searching for a matching stem cell donor. These efforts of goodwill were elevated through the use of his social media to help connect with the next generation of future donors. 

There are many leadership qualities that make Scott an outstanding nominee for this award but none greater than his sacrifice and work ethic to help others in need.

Congratulations Scott on being nominated for the Cameron Bulger Memorial Award.

Rayce Ramsay

University of Toronto - OUS

Rayce Ramsay exceeded all expectations as a Player Ambassador this past season while playing hockey for the University of Toronto Varsity Blues. Since joining the Hockey Gives Blood program in September of 2023 Rayce immediately got involved by booking a group donation with his teammates followed by second donation later in the season. For many of his teammates it was their first donation showcasing Rayce's natural leadership qualities and enthusiasm to lead by example. 
His consistent efforts to educate his teammates about the importance of Canada’s Lifeline was greatly appreciated and essential to helping build a robust and stable donor base not just in Toronto but in Canada for years to come. Rayce's involvement also helped grow a stronger relationship between U of T and Canadian Blood Services.While Rayce’s earlier involvement was mostly focused on blood donation Rayce still found time to promote the importance of joining Canadian Blood Services stem cell registry. He inspired his teammates to register during the season and furthered his efforts at a stem cell recruitment event in his hometown of Saskatoon. It goes without saying that Rayce possess many of the traits Cameron Bulger was known for such as commitment, dedication and humility.

Congratulation Rayce on being nominated for the Cameron Bulger Memorial Award.