May 31, 2023

Sophie Lalor

In her first year as a Player Ambassador Sophie Lalor exceeded all expectations with her ambition and commitment to saving lives. Sophie showed tremendous initiative this year and navigated logistical adversity with optimism and determination. Never flustered or deterred Sophie managed to host the largest blood drive last season by a single player ambassador. Sophie spearheaded a stem cell event with unwavering dedication and adaptability as she ended up having to navigate logistical challenges and sacrificed her own time and energy to see the event to completion.

Her never give up attitude and attention to detail are just a few samples of her commitment to Canada’s Lifeline. Sophie’s reliability and passion proved to be a tremendous asset to Canadian Blood Services both locally in Saskatoon and on campus.

Sophie is a natural leader who is respected amongst her peers by consistently demonstrating her generosity and humility, traits that Cameron Bulger was remembered for.  

We are proud to announce this University of Saskatchewan Huskie as a nominee for the inaugural Cameron Bulger Memorial Award. 

Thank you, and congratulations Sophie!