May 31, 2023

Cameron Bulger Memorial Award Nominees

Nominee: Anna MacCara

As a forward with the St Francis Xavier University Women’s Hockey team Anna joined Hockey Gives Blood with a mission. After learning that someone in her community needed a stem cell transplant to save their life Anna stepped up to become a Player Ambassador. Anna took immediate action to inspire her teammates and community with several initiatives ranging from blood donation events to stem cell recruitment. Anna also established two HGB game nights and three separate fundraising campaigns that raised over $2700.

Anna became a valuable contributor and asset to Canadian Blood Services in the Atlantic Region. Her efforts and enthusiasm on a consistent basis were deeply appreciated and helped support the growing demand for new blood and stem cell donors locally and in Canada.

Anna’s kindness and humility were displayed consistently over this past season. Her relentless passion to help others without seeking recognition is a testament to her character and reflect the traits Cameron Bulger was known for. We are proud to announce her as a nominee for the inaugural Cameron Bulger Memorial Award. 

Thank you and congratulations Anna!

Nominee: Isaac Labelle

As a goaltender with the Trinity Western University Spartans Isaac Labelle continued to make meaningful saves that have had an immense impact on patients in Canada. His selfless demeanor and commitment to Canada’s Lifeline was evident through the many initiatives he spearheaded last season including multiple blood drives, stem cell events and a game night he helped plan and coordinate. Isaac has a unique ability to rally those around him to contribute to a cause he is so passionate about. 

For two years, Isaac has been a key contributor to donor recruitment in the West and has been a valuable source of support locally for Canadian Blood Services Community Development Managers. His ability to work independently, and within in a team, has allowed for great success in the events he spearheads. 

Isaac’s leadership, organization, and responsiveness are tremendous assets to the HGB team. His commitment, selflessness and dedication are traits that make him an asset to society.

Thank you Isaac, and congratulations on your nomination for the inaugural Cameron Bulger Memorial Award.

Nominee: Sophie Lalor

In her first year as a Player Ambassador Sophie Lalor exceeded all expectations with her ambition and commitment to saving lives. Sophie showed tremendous initiative this year and navigated logistical adversity with optimism and determination. Never flustered or deterred Sophie managed to host the largest blood drive last season by a single player ambassador. Sophie spearheaded a stem cell event with unwavering dedication and adaptability as she ended up having to navigate logistical challenges and sacrificed her own time and energy to see the event to completion.

Her never give up attitude and attention to detail are just a few samples of her commitment to Canada’s Lifeline. Sophie’s reliability and passion proved to be a tremendous asset to Canadian Blood Services both locally in Saskatoon and on campus.

Sophie is a natural leader who is respected amongst her peers by consistently demonstrating her generosity and humility, traits that Cameron Bulger was remembered for.  

We are proud to announce this University of Saskatchewan Huskie as a nominee for the inaugural Cameron Bulger Memorial Award. 

Thank you, and congratulations Sophie!