Erik Gudbranson

Vancouver Canucks

Erik learned first-hand how important the stem cell registry was when his younger brother Dennis was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) when he was six years old. Fortunately for Dennis and the Gudbranson family his life was saved when a stem cell match was found.

Now as a member of the the Vancouver Canucks, Erik has teamed up with Hockey Gives Blood to bring his leadership outside the dressing room and encourage members of the community to get out and get swabbed. Erik is a tremendous advocate for Canadian Blood Services and we are thrilled to add his voice to Hockey Gives Blood in our effort to create further awareness.

Half of all stem cell donors chosen to help Canadian patients are male, and yet only 20 percent of the current stem cell registry is comprised of male donors. Younger stem cell donors provide better patient outcomes and male donors decrease the possibility of post-transplant complication.

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